Crittenton Action Alert: AB 2668 Support Parenting Foster Youth in California

Crittenton Action Alert: AB 2668 Support Parenting Foster Youth in California

Dear Support Base,

Crittenton is asking for your voice to help us continue our work as one of the very few remaining mother-baby programs for foster youth in California. As a longtime leader in working with this group of young people, we are excited to invite you to come alongside us to advocate as the California state legislature considers bills that can provide significant help!

Get Involved By:

Attending the May 16, 2014, Zero To Three, conference call that Tristyn Ignallinera, Crittenton’s Vice President of Residential Services, will be leading. Attendance from advocates and interested individuals from all over the state is anticipated. The focus of the call is finding ways to help young parents who are system involved and often coming from chaotic or extremely difficult pasts, be healthy, stable parents themselves. We’ll also feature specific bills that are part of Crittenton’s mother-baby bill priority list.

  • Conference Call Date: Friday, May 16, 2014 at 10 am PST
  • Number: 1-888-891-0496
  • Passcode: 960043#

Support our Mother-Baby Bills:

Young parents in foster care have one of the toughest circumstances imaginable, but there is legislation being considered now to improve their chances. We can make sure that statistics like children of kids in foster care are “five times” more likely to enter foster care, and are far more likely to live at, or below, the federal poverty level changes.

Will you help these young parents in foster care and their babies succeed?

Respectfully and don’t forget to share this with your network!

Stefanie Benvenuto

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Crittenton Services for Children and Families