Crittenton Action Alert: SB 982 End the Demand for Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking Pledge

Crittenton Action Alert: SB 982 End the Demand for Human Trafficking

Dear Support Base,

Crittenton is asking for you to help us tell Johns and Traffickers that our children are not for sale. Senator Bob Huff  has introduced SB 982 to increase penalties for predators who solicit minors for sex, and your support is vital to ensuring that we are successful in ending the demand that is the lifeblood of domestic minor sex trafficking. It’s time for California to protect its children, and we are asking you to stand with us in the fight against modern day slavery.

You can support this bill by:

Writing a Letter of Support!

It’s easy to lend your voice to protect kids as young as 12 from being bought and sold by predators for sex. Simply download this letter and fax to (916) 651-4029 or email to .



Spread the Word!

Send this call to action to other anti-human trafficking advocates you know, and rally your community. It’s as simple as forwarding this message via email or sharing this plea on your social media channels. In order to deter the demand that contributes to domestic minor sex trafficking, we must hold adults who buy, or attempt to buy, children accountable. This bill will change these actions from being a mere misdemeanor to a potential felony charge, and hopefully will discourage would-be predators from engaging in this abhorrent practice. Please join us in support.


Stefanie Benvenuto

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Crittenton Services for Children & Families


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