Celebrating National Volunteer Month at Crittenton

Celebrating National Volunteer Month at Crittenton

Volunteerism can serve a purpose to many people. For some, volunteering is a call of duty in order to help make the community a better place to live; for others volunteerism is an act of kindness and a way to help personally enrich one’s life; yet, for others volunteerism is how someone practices their faith by living a life of purpose.

However one defines volunteerism what holds true across the board is that it is very much needed, and for those that practice volunteerism in your daily life, it is much appreciated and valued by non-profits across the globe.

During National Volunteer Month, Crittenton Services for Children and Families (CSUF) thanks the many volunteers in our community that take time to get to know our mission and advocate on behalf of our cause.

Whether it be a retiree getting back to the swing of things by giving back to their chosen social cause, or an intern learning to master your chosen profession at a non-profit setting because you see your talents are needed these are both actions that at Crittenton have not gone unnoticed.

This year our volunteers and interns have been busy making a positive impact in order to help some of the most vulnerable youth affected by today’s child welfare and juvenile justice system.

Recently, our very own U.S. Congressman Ed Royce of the 39th congressional district, wanted to give back to the community he serves through volunteerism. His office and legislative staff, in particular, were looking for a non-profit and project to work on.

Luckily, Crittenton had some need in our residential treatment services facility. We needed help replanting our campus garden, as it needed new soil, new plants, and a little TLC.

When Congressman Ed Royce’s team found out about the garden project they immediately signed up for the volunteer opportunity!

From cleaning up our garden area, to placing new topsoil, and planting and watering new vegetable plants that include onion, tomato, and chili pods our volunteer team did a great job, and we are excited to see our garden grow.

This summer we want to give our clients in Crittenton’s Residential Treatment Center a chance to see a garden bloom, and an opportunity to taste fresh vegetables. We want to give our clients a holistic approach to healing which also includes a healthy diet. And this new garden certainly helps with this goal.

As the vegetable garden continues to grow we are looking forward to a good harvest in a couple of weeks. We hope to have a Salsa Party when all the vegetables have fully developed so that our clients can make their favorite Salsa recipe.

It’s the “little acts of kindness’” that make the teen girls in our residential treatment center feel whole again. And we couldn’t accomplish these “little acts of kindness” without the compassion and support of all the volunteers and interns that support our cause.

Thank you to Congressman Ed Royce’s team for rolling up your sleeves to beautify the community, thank you to our public relations interns for helping with this volunteer event, and a special thanks to all volunteers that believe in the Crittenton mission, and most importantly believe in our youth.

Are you looking for a non-profit to help by joining its board of directors, to volunteer your time with, to intern with, or perhaps to donate to?

Why not consider Crittenton Services…its our 50th Anniversary Celebration this year and nothing would please us more than one more advocate, donor, volunteer or intern to join our mission.

Connect with us today to find out how you can be a part of our team!


National Volunteer Month 2016


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