Crittenton Salutes Local Foster Mom Honored by Congresswoman Karen Bass

Crittenton Salutes Local Foster Mom Honored by Congresswoman Karen Bass

It has been a whirlwind of activity this November as Crittenton honors a number of observations including National Adoption Month.

We have a special place in our heart for foster and transitional age youth as our mission works closely with young people who are currently in or exiting the foster care system.

Despite the sobering statistic that there are nearly 400,000 children and youth in America’s foster care system we try to stay positive, do what we can to help, and promote the positive whenever we hear of it.

Nothing filled us more with joy than hearing of the appreciation a former Wraparound Services client has been receiving this year for her continued advocacy and her commitment in protecting every foster youth she has ever cared for.

To be clear, Mrs. Beavers was not a direct Crittenton Wraparound client but rather her kids were. However, every Crittenton Wraparound staffer loved working with her and her entire family so much that she pretty much became part of the Crittenton family! Throughout the years we’ve kept in touch and have always wished her entire family well. To hear that she continues to be honored for her role as a foster parent for the Los Angeles County Department Children and Families Services is a thrill to witness.

Recently, Mrs. Beavers was featured in the HBO documentary, “Foster”, and from the get-go of the film you immediately noticed her unwavering advocacy for all of her kids. She has been a foster mom for La County for more than two decades and has cared for more than 1,000 children in her tenure as a LA County foster parent. However, Mrs. Beavers will be the first one to tell you that everyone of her kids are just that – her kids…so why wouldn’t she offer her kids the very best. If anyone deserves to be recognized this year during National Adoption Month it is truly Mrs. Beavers.

In October, we also helped honor Mrs. Beavers at the Annual Association of Community Human Services Agencies Luncheon where she was not just the keynote speaker but also the guest of honor.

Perhaps the most touching moment to hear, thus far, is the acknowledgement given to Mrs. Beavers by California Congresswoman Karen Bass. In mid November Congresswoman Bass personally thanked and gave Mrs. Beavers the Angels in Adoption distinction. Needless to say Mrs. Beavers has been very busy this year not just being recognized, but doing what she can to advocate for the needs of foster youth every chance she gets.

National Adoption Month serves as a reminder that there are still too many foster youth in need of a forever home. However, it should also be a moment to thank every adoption and foster parent angel in our community for the extraordinary advocacy they exhibit every day for the youth in their care.

On behalf of Crittenton Services we’d like to the time to congratulate Mrs. Beavers and every dedicated foster parent for the extraordinary sense of advocacy you exhibit every day for your kids.

We are inspired by you all and thank you for the compassion you show every youth in our community. Agencies like Crittenton can’t fill the gaps on our own and therefore we will continue to ask for those that are interested in becoming a foster parent to please connect with us and learn about the process.

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