Foster Care Corner March

Foster Care Corner March

Have you ever considered how you know how to do the things you do? For example, who taught you how to write your ABC’s, wash dishes, take out the trash, clean your room, do laundry, mail a letter, grocery shop, prepare a meal, the list is endless. These are all independent living skills, which are needed to manage our everyday life.  This helps us understand why Resource Parents are invaluable, not only to the youth in need, but to our communities, they simply make life better for all.  Resource Parents provide so much more than shelter; they provide a home, they also can provide stability, safety, care, life lessons and independent living skills to the most vulnerable.  Resource Parents are the great teachers! In our Foster Care Bites March 2023 edition Susy Perez, our THPP/THP Case Manager discusses the importance of a personal identification card, how to acquire one and more importantly why they are needed. Do you remember who helped you get your first identification card or driver’s license? What would you do without it? Hmmm, something to think about!

Please know that at Crittenton you could make a great resource family, and we would love to work with you. Are you part of the LGBTQ+ Community; you would make a wonderful Resource Parent. This is true regardless of your ethnicity, race, or religion. We need single parents and couples. We need resource families who speak languages other than English. We need families who have unique disabilities and those who are neurodivergent. We need families of all religious backgrounds. These youth need as many people – and as many types of people – in their corner as they can get.

All we ask is that you reach out, let’s connect so that you can learn more. You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be willing. From the perspective of alumni of foster care, the best resource parents are inclusivesupportive, and open-minded. Learn more about our foster care program, or send us an email, and our staff will contact you with more information.

March 2023 Foster Care Bites – English

March 2023 Foster Care Bites – Español