Love Is Fundraiser

Love Is, is a collaborative giving day that is supported and organized by the Orange County Community Foundation. This year Crittenton along with, nine other non-profits will come together on February 7, 2024, to raise funds to support the importance of healthy relationships.

This year Crittenton will be raising funds for our new Fatherhood Program. The Crittenton Services for Children and Families Fatherhood Program will focus on supporting fathers in our programs; by providing education on positive parenting and relationship building, while teaching effective, fun, healthy ways to engage with their children. In our work we have found that many of the fathers in our programs have challenges interacting with their children.

Our focus is to provide cost effective, positive and fun ways to create life long bonds with their children. Many studies have shown the positive impact a healthy father has on a child’s life. The Fatherhood Project released a study in 2023, where they identified that children who have close relationships with their fathers are more likely to enter college, 75% less likely to be a teen parent and 80% are less likely to be incarcerated as well as have decreased mental health challenges.

Crittenton understands not only the benefits, but the need for healthy parental relationships with both parents.  We ask that you join us in working to address the need and improve father-child engagement, by doing this we are not only helping the child, we are helping the community; reducing teen pregnancy, crime, incarceration, homelessness, mental health challenges, as well as a myriad of other societal problems.

We all win when a child is confident that they are important to someone, have a since of belonging, that that they are loved, protected and respected, these are all things healthy attachments create. Will you join us on February 7, 2024, by making a contribution?

Our goal is $10,000.00; donating is easy just click our donate button.