Welcome and Thanks for the Support

Crittenton CEO, Joyce Capelle, blogging from her desk.

Welcome and Thanks for the Support

In the years I have been at Crittenton, I have learned that we are more than our programs, services, or locations. WE are a diverse group of ideas, opinions, skills, talents and dreams. As the government agencies we contract with demand more accountability – and rightly so – I don’t want to lose sight of the power of one staff in the moment with one client making all the difference. So, trying to balance the need for rules, regulations, paperwork and reporting – with caring, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm – is the challenge moving forward.

As we navigate 2013 and beyond, just know that I value your opinions and respect the work that you do every day.

As we launch our new website, we hope to include helpful resources for staff, community partners and provide a source of news about the good stuff happening around the agency. As we have grown, it has been more of a challenge getting the word out. And we’ve been too shy for too long – bragging isn’t something we are comfortable doing. Or, I should say, I have not been comfortable doing. But that has to change, because Crittenton does a lot of things worth bragging about. As a team, we do great work under tough circumstances. We make a difference and it’s time to talk about it. So, keep checking the website for updates and to all of our supporters – thank you.


Joyce Capelle is the CEO of Crittenton Services for Children and Families of Southern California (CSCF). In this role, she leads a social services agency of 500+ employees and manages a 24/7 operation with a service planning area that covers Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Ms. Capelle is also highly involved in a number of civic engagements including serving as Chair of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce in Fullerton, CA.

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