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Crittenton Services for Children and Families is a child advocacy and behavioral health organization committed to believing in the potential of every child, youth, and family we serve. Since 1966, Crittenton’s mission has been one of providing solutions that help empower, build resiliency and heal the wounds of childhood trauma. And we will continue to prioritize interventions to best serve those that have experienced the cycles of abuse, neglect, and system involvement.

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Our mission says it all, we work through our various programs to help others heal from complex trauma so that they are reaching their full potential. We have received calls from previous clients who have shared how our agency and services, has had a positive impact on their lives and brought change, which has resulted in them now living their best, healthy and healed lives! ...

“We seek a world where every person is connected to safe and healthy relationships.” This is Crittenton’s vision statement; on International Women’s Day, it is our wish that women around the world are treated with fairness, equality, free of judgement and are free to engage in safe and healthy relationships, that uplift.
Happy International Women’s Day!

Crittenton at the #ensurejusticeconference, March 3-4, 2023, Finding Home at Vanguard University. Thank you for having us as we work to support the children we serve in locating loving, caring and supportive resource parents who will provide a stable and secure home. #vugcwj ...

Help heal the wounds of abuse and neglect; to strengthen families, whether birth, foster or adoptive; and to help troubled adolescents reach their full potential.